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Magnetic InfoTech
has vast experience in Software Industry, IT enabled Services, Data Processing and GIS Applications. Magnetic InfoTech is known for their effective production processes, maintaining confidentiality and security to data which leads to high quality services and customer satisfaction.

We specialize in examination results processing for the past 25 years with ICR/OMR Technologies and Web based Solutions.

Magnetic InfoTech has rendered services to a number of organizations both in India and USA. Incidentally, Magnetic InfoTech is one of the earliest organizations to get involved in major computerization projects in the State of Andhra Pradesh and Central Government in India, 25 Years ago.
Magnetic Info Tech
is headed by
Mr.Vijay N. Rao,
who has over 30 years experience in IT Industry both in India and abroad.

As President of Hyderabad Software Exports Association (HYSEA) in early stages he has contributed a lot for the growth of Software Industry in Andhra Pradesh in Nineties.

The strength of Magnetic Info Tech lies in the vast experience and technical knowledge of Mr.Vijay N Rao and his team of well qualified, experienced and highly motivated software engineers, who are associated with Mr.Vijay N Rao in various projects for the past two decades.
Magnetic InfoTech in the fore front of technologies. We recognized the potential of Object Oriented Technologies and introduced Small Talk around 15 years ago in the Indian market. Small Talk became forerunner to Java.
OMR scanning system offers the opportunity for automated data entry through the use of an OMR scanner, which captures such raw data and the same, is subsequently converted into a database file through the intelligent use of software developed for the same purpose. It enables faster and accurate data transfer into a PC workstation. It can convert simple Pen or Pencil marks into usable computer information. Data is quickly scanned directly from the source document and transferred to the PC workstation, eliminating key-entry errors and costs reducing while giving timely, accurate and quality information. Moreover, data can be accurate is as high as 99%. Captured in any desired format using the OMR.